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Voice is revolutionizing the way people interact with tech.

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Voice search is the next big revolutionary technology that will transform many businesses. Generation Z prefers to talk to their gadgets rather than touch them. With VUI, the interactions have become user-friendly. The benefit to the business is that voice interfaces can be integrated with virtually any application, but the secret lies in designing voice user interface properly so that it is easily usable and remains effective.

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  • As per ComScore; By 2020, 50% of all the search will be voice search.
  • As per Gartner; Brands that accept voice user interface and adapt for their websites will enjoy a 30% growth in revenue.
  • According to Google, 72% of VUI device owners claim to use it daily.

The importance of voice technology and VUI cannot be neglected; it is becoming part of our daily lifestyle, and therefore, it is important that using these interface remains smooth and hassle-free. Great VUI designer needs to follow certain things to make the VUI extremely delightful experience for the user.

Designing a VUI

The functionality of the major voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri is necessary to build VUI.


Before designing, research to find out how the user will search in your app. Example: what users expect to achieve, analyze user requirements, etc.

Monitoring the competitors

Knowing your competitors VUI weakness can help you to strengthen the details of your VUI. Avoiding the mistakes that the competitors have made can help to improve your interface for the better.

Mandatory or optional variables

Make sure you create script dialog that has mandatory, optional variables and include many utterances so that the AI behind your app understands the user query and performs correctly.

VUI Prototyping Tools

With Sayspring or Botsociety dialog, prototyping becomes easier helping to build effective voice conversations and great user experiences.

VUI Design Tips

  • Give VUI a human-like a feel. Voice interfaces usually assist you like a human, so let the user imitate conversation like they are talking to human and give it a human touch.
  • Make sure it’s friendly and emphatic.
  • Include command confirmations
  • The prototypes should include all permutation and combination, fulfilling the user’s intent.
  • To know VUI has understood the user correctly make sure it repeats what it is doing.
  • Check and create a plan for errors, script the dialog for additional information.
  • Include authentication. It is critical if your VUI has banking transactions
  • Reduce critical thinking for better user experience. User will leave your app if it requires much effort.
  • The VUI must be designed in such a way that it understands user’s need accurately and respond quickly.

For, eg:-

  • Uber lets its user’s book rides with their voice talking through Amazon Alexa.
  • BBC enabled a Google Assistant voice interface for its app where users can get the latest news bulletins by simply asking the assistant to play the news summary.
  • For Cortana users, ordering a pizza with Domino’s is as easy

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, there is no need to keep our hands busy to get the task done. By creating VUI for smartphones, smart homes, smart TVs, and a range of other products, we can get our work done with just one voice search. As per ComScore prediction about the user searches the demand for a voice interface, and designers will grow by 2020. So what are you waiting for? Develop the best VUI for your business and let your competitor be behind you. Hire Apple Siri Developers or Google Assistant Developers from LetsAlign. If you are looking for Voice Design & Development Company to build a friendly voice interface for your app, then contact US:-7244664728, India:- 9870837970 or mail us at contact@letsalign.com Come let’s discuss the project in detail, and we will make sure your brand’s voice will be heard.